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How to save a business and develop it
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Monetization of talent as a business of the future
The business of the future is the monetization of talent. Everyone is talented in something. Absolutely everyone is talented in something, there are no exceptions and cannot be. However, the…

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Effective dealer network development

The development of a dealer network is necessary because dealers help sell. The more of them, the higher the sale. Therefore, the development of a dealer network for a company that wants to have high sales is one of the highest priorities. By themselves, networks do not develop, they need to be addressed, investing time, money and other resources, you need to constantly look for new dealers.

The search for new dealers is a difficult task, because there are nuances. The problem is that there are two types of dealers. The first type is monetarists. The essence of this type is in the formula “money – goods – money.” They have money, they invest it in goods in order to sell it to earn more money. Money is their main resource to which they seek the best use.

The second type is sellers. The essence of this type lies in the scheme “sales – goods – sales.” They differ from the first type in that, first of all, they invest not their money, but their ability to sell. Ability to sell their basic competence and the main resource to which they are looking for the best application. In fact, having become dealers, they monetize their selling skills.

It would seem that there is no difference to what type the dealer belongs, if only he would buy as much as possible and as often as possible. However, there is a difference and it is huge. The bottom line is that the goods are not purchased by the dealer for themselves. Goods are purchased for resale. If the dealer is a monetarist, if he does not know how to sell, the product with a 99% probability will “freeze”.

Obviously, the development of a dealer network with the help of those who simply know how to invest money but do not know how to sell is fraught with a large number of risks

Monetarist with “hung” goods is a source of problems. Firstly, it can break the market. He thinks through the prism of money, accordingly, in order to return the money at any cost, he will begin to reduce the price of the “frozen” goods, and this kills the market, depreciates the goods and causes damage to profit. Secondly, he can try to return the goods, which is also not very good.

Obviously, the development of a dealer network with the help of those who simply know how to invest money but do not know how to sell is fraught with a large number of risks. The most important of them is the risk of bankruptcy. You rely on dealers, plan sales volumes, and they ultimately slow down everything. It is much more reliable and efficient to work with those who can sell well.

Where to get quality dealers
People who can sell are hard to find. Therefore, it is also difficult to find a company that can sell. All these people and companies are usually busy. You can accidentally run into those who are not already busy, but it’s hard. You can try to lure yourself such people and such companies. However, in the end, all this can be spent so much time that you have to close.

The most obvious solution is to create dealers who can sell

The most obvious solution is to create dealers who can sell. This is easy enough to do. You just need to organize within the company training courses for everyone who wants to sell your goods or services. Due to the fact that your products will be trained in sales, this will be a guarantee that dealers will not start working with other companies.

Sales of each specific product imply nuances. So they should be laid in the foundation of the training program. Since a person has never learned to sell himself anywhere, it means that he will not learn. Those. he will not be able to sell anything other than your product. Thus, you get a loyal dealer who is attached to you, which sells only your goods and services.

A person buys goods and services to implement his ideas. Accordingly, your product is needed insofar as a person has ideas that he can implement with his help. This means that educating a person to sell goods or services is, first of all, to tell him about the ideas that a product or service can realize and how to transfer them to customers.

After someone in the company pumped the right ideas, he will be able to stamp dealers for her

An idea can only be transmitted by someone who has pumped it, but usually this is a problem. Usually, few people in a company know what ideas a product or service can realize, and few people can convey them. Accordingly, the first thing to do is to understand what ideas a product can implement and pump them. Someone in the company must pump them in order to pump non-dealers further.

After someone in the company pumped the right ideas, he will be able to stamp dealers for her. He will be able to introduce ideas into dealers, turning them into agents of the company. These will be not just dealers, but the company’s agents in different regions. They will be part of the team, will play in her interests, will be her eyes and hands in different regions.

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